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Resources for use with Churches


EcoChurch is a very helpful scheme for churches in England to help them to increase awareness and take action on the climate and biodiversity crisis.  It is and ecumenical scheme operated by A Rocha UK and is supported by most of the major Christian environmental and aid agencies.  Details of the scheme can be found at

The scheme comprises of a questionnaire which covers 5 main areas of church life  ...

  • Worship & Teaching

  • Buildings

  • Land

  • Community & Global

  • Lifestyle

As the various sections of the questionnaire are completed, churches will achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold awards for which a certificate is awarded.

We would recommend that churches, particularly those with historic buildings, avoid getting bogged down with trying to make their buildings compatible.  Much greater benefits can be obtained by focussing on the Community & Global and Lifestyle sections.  Generally the largest part of a churches 'carbon footprint' will be in the lifestyle of its members.

There is an alternative scheme operated by CAFOD mainly for Catholic Churches called Live Simply.  More details at


Prayers for Advent - Lament for Creation - by Rev John Swales 

Excerpt from Iona Abbey Worship Book 2017 Creation Liturgy

Tear Fund

A useful series of short videos by Tearfund and Katharine Hayhoe

... and a handy simple 2-page guide to the Climate Crisis with some basic facts to share ...

Climate Stewards

As well as being involved in various global projects which are supported by 'offsetting' contributions, Climate Stewards provide very useful tools for calculating both individuals and churches 'carbon footprints'.  Offsetting is explained on their site and can be a useful temporary tool to help churches understand the 'costs' of carbon pollution but care should be taken to ensure that it isn't used as a free pass to avoid taking real action to reduce emissions.  Climate Stewards can be found at

Church of England Net Zero Carbon Webinars

This series of webinars are aimed at helping those in CofE premises to work towards its 2030 net zero target.  There are webinars for diocesan staff and volunteers as well as EcoChurch teams in churches, but there will be much of interest to other audiences too.

Pray and Fast for the Climate

This document from Pray and Fast for the Climate is a useful resource:

Creation Care

The Creation Care scheme aims to encourage households to make changes to care for God’s earth.  Wherever households are on their creation care journey, they want to provide ideas for their next steps, and recognise the progress they’ve made.

Divesting your Church Funds

Bright Now have some great resources to help your church divest its funds from fossil fuel investments  ...

Join the global divestment announcement on 17 May 2021.  Information here  ... 


For more information on how to divest your church check here  ... 

or for a Methodist Church divestment resource check here  ...

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