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Faith & The Environment Events

The Coat of Hopes comes to Lincoln!

From September 17th for two weeks, the Coat of Hopes will be visiting the streets of Lincoln, the cathedral, schools and churches.  The coat is a beautiful piece of shared art. It was carried from the south coast of England to Glasgow on the shoulders of pilgrims, arriving at the start of COP26 in 2021.

Artist and instigator Barbara Keal describes the coat as follows:
‘Sewn into it are hundreds of pieces of blanket - the patchwork hopes, of a people for their land. In the patches you will find griefs for the loss of species, remembrances of landscapes irreversibly changed, prayers that our hearts can expand to welcome those displaced by climate breakdown, hopes and dreams of joy in nature, of safe and sustainable access to fresh food, of safety and freedom to play for our children, and for the children of all beings.’

The coat has a song which explains its purpose, and can be found at  Among hundreds of others, Sandie Stratford from Lincoln wore the coat on its 600 mile journey. You can view amazing stories and tributes on the website

The programme of events for the coat will be published as soon as it is firmed up, but if you are interested, contact Sandie on   The coat will also be visiting Sleaford from 23rd to 25th September - details to follow.

Recordings of F&tE webinars

Building Back Better 1 - What Role for the Church?

Our first BBB event for church leaders in Lincolnshire event took place on 17th September 2020.  Andy Atkins, CEO of A Rocha UK, was our main speaker.  You can download his talk here (100Mb).

Building Back Better 2 - 'Getting your Church Going!' with Dr Ruth Valerio, Tearfund.

Our second BBB event for church leaders in Lincolnshire took place on 12th February 2021.  Dr Ruth Valerio and Billie Anderson of Tearfund introduced us to the 'Climate Emergency Toolkit'.   You can explore the toolkit here -


A video of the event is available here (133Mb)

An audio file is available here (60Mb)

A MS Word file with the links provided in the chat is available here 

Building Back Better 3 - ‘How big is our footprint?’ with Caroline Pomeroy of Climate Stewards

If we are to reduce our carbon footprints we first need to understand what they are, how they are made up and how can we make the biggest impact in reducing them.  Caroline Pomeroy is Environmental Advisor for the CofE Diocese of Bath & Wells and has an MSc in Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability.  She worked previously for Tearfund in Ghana, and spent 3 years in Rwanda, working with various environmental and community projects.  This event helps us to understand our carbon footprints; national, church & household, and how to measure and reduce it.

A video of the event is available here (240Mb)

There is no audio only file as much of the event involved a presentation demonstrating of the use of a website and showing various graphs.

Building Back Better 4 - Helping Christians to engage constructively with MPs & Councils.

Besides her work for Hope for the Future Rachel Mander is Theology and Churches Officer for A Rocha International. She also worked at the Westminster office of an MP.

Hope for the Future is a charity which works to equip communities to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians. They can help us to build the effective relationships with MPs that can sometimes prove challenging.

Our individual action is critical both symbolically and because ‘every little counts’. But individual action alone can’t bring about the big reductions in carbon emissions that are so urgently needed in order to meet the Paris Agreement to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, to mitigate the consequences of continued global over-heating. With the UK hosting the historic COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November 2021, this is a crucial year for churches to fully engage.

The recording of the event is not publicly available.  However the slides from the event can be viewed here.

Building Back Better 5 - Preparing for Climate Sunday

A home-grown workshop with input by leaders from different church denominations to explore, share and develop resources that will be helpful for a 'Climate Sunday' service (see, as an event where the 'climate and ecological emergency' is acknowledged, and our response as church and as individuals is reflected upon in the context of biblical principles and worship.

You don't need to have been to our previous Build Back Better events, but if you glance at our website you'll get a sense of the resources available.

Sian Wade (Transform Lincoln) is the Zoom host, the chair is Sarah Spencer (Diocesan Environment Officer), Melanie Carroll introduces the Bible reflection, climate scientist Ben Richards (YWAM & speaks about the importance of prayer and Sandie Stratford introduces the action discussion.

You can download the video of the event here (549Mb)

A list of the suggested websites is available here

Pilgrimage from North Kelsey to Biscathorpe - Saturday May 7th 2022.

Love walking in the Wolds? Reject new fossil fuel exploration/extraction?  Join us on Pilgrimage walking from North Kelsey Moor to Biscathorpe (both sites threatened with new oil exploration/extraction) on Saturday May 7th 2022. 
We will meet up at North Kelsey Moor: Moortown House Farm, (opposite Smithfield Rd junction with B1434) between 8.30 and 9.15 for introduction and photos.  We will visit the proposed site before driving to Nettleton Methodist Church on Church Lane, Nettleton (lifts can be offered) where we are offered a cup of tea at 10am, and from where our walk will properly begin at 1030.  (You can travel by public transport to Nettleton in time for the main start). This will keep the total distance manageable.

We are walking to raise awareness of the climate emergency and the folly of extracting new fossil fuels from the heart of Lincolnshire. The total distance is just short of 20 miles on the Viking Way but you can do a shorter stretch if you wish. After Nettleton, there will be three stops/joining points at Walesby (Ramblers Church), Tealby and Ludford.
The churches en route are welcoming us to call in, and spend a few moments reflecting on the beauty of God’s earth.

If you plan to come, or can support in any way, please email us at to let us know

Risk Assessment (DRAFT)

Kit list, timings and advice

Walk route

Short podcasts

1 - Should Christians Break The Law As Climate Protest - Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA)

Sandie Stratford interviews Rev Sue Parfitt a retired Church of England priest who has been arrested on several occasions.  You can listen this talk  here  (13.9Mb, approx. 10 mins)

2 - TEARFUND’s explanation of the importance of the recent IPCC Report

Julia Kendall, Senior Policy Advisor for Climate, in Tearfund’s Global Advocacy Team, answers questions about IPCC AR6 & COP26, and what we can do.  You can listen to this talk here   (23.3Mb, approx. 12 minutes) 

Events by Other Organisations

Green Christian is about to produce a new resource called "Plenty!" - a faith-based resource offering insight into the links between the economy and the environmental crisis". 

This is material for use in discussion groups which provides material for six different sessions.   More details can be found here  ... 


Lincolnshire’s very own Climate Exhibition can be viewed digitally, and will be available for display as soon as venues open.  Initiated by Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire, this exhibition was created for Lincoln Climate Commission  by graphic designer Carolyn Puzzovio and funded by Transition Lincoln. .

Just Stop Oil are organising this event speaking about our responsibilities as Christians at this time of climate crisis. Rev Mark Coleman, Rev Sue Parfitt and Dr Larch Maxey.  They have been involved in non-violent direct actions and will be speaking the hard truth in this talk to UK Christians at 3pm-4.30pm on Sunday 27th February on Zoom.