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Learning About Climate Change

CofE Webinars on Getting to Net Zero

This series of webinars is designed to support and equip you to reach the Church’s ambitious "net zero carbon" emissions target; everything from forming your team to putting solar panels on your roof, and including low cost 'housekeeping' actions which can pay back quickly.

The Climate Coalition  -

The Climate Coalition is a group of  over 130 organisations — including the National Trust, Women's Institute, Oxfam, and RSPB - reaching across the UK to show our love for all the things we want to protect from climate change, and to ask politicians to put aside their differences and commit to doing whatever is necessary to protect them

Global Weirding  -

Global Weirding is a YouTube Channel by Katharine Hayhoe who is a Canadian climate scientist currently working in the USA. The videos are short and easy to understand explanations and answers to many of the main questions and objections raised about climate change.

Skeptical Science  -

A more technical resource providing background scientific information.

Climate and Black Lives Matters  -  a couple of articles which show how these crises are linked. 

Centre for Alternative Technology  - 

Radical action is needed if we are to avoid dangerous climate breakdown. CAT offers practical solutions and hands-on learning to help create a zero carbon world.

Laudato Si

The 2015 Papal Encyclical from Pope Francis is a powerful case for caring for the earth.  It can easily be downloaded in various formats free from several websites and if you have an Audible account the audiobook can also be downloaded free.

Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) and

The CEE Bill is currently going through parliament sponsored by Caroline Lucas with support from many organisations and a growing number of MPs.  It aims to ramp up the governments response to the climate and ecological emergency.  You can find details at 

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